Johnny Belflower, beer store owner, web developer, and consultant.



Tasty Beverage Company

In August of 2011, Tasty Beverage Company opened their doors to hundreds of thirsty individuals looking for a place to celebrate and enjoy craft beer with people they care about.

Before that beautiful North Carolina autumn, Raleigh was severely lacking in regard to dedicated beer shops, and while there were other awesome stores right on our heels, we’re honored to have become a welcome addition to North Carolina’s beer scene. I couldn’t be happier to be part of this industry. It has led to relationships that will last for decades, and given me a true sense of fulfillment, one bottle at a time.

When describing Tasty, I often refer it as “the beer store I’ve always wanted to shop at.” We stock, give or take, 1,200 different packaged beers from all over the world, with an emphasis on American craft and Belgian beer, as well as counter pressure growler fills. Because the only thing better than shopping for beer, is shopping for beer with one in your hand, we also have a small bar in the store featuring six rotating draft options. A massive selection and beer on draft are certainly two key ingredients for an amazing beer store. That said, my favorite element of Tasty is the large number of people who visit the store weekly that, for one, are incredibly good people, but also, truly enjoy celebrating the beverage, rather than just consuming it. Those people, along with my awesome crew, make Tasty what it is. My friend, Van Nolintha of Bida Manda, once put it to me this way, “You’re not going to a beer store, and you’re not going to a bar. You’re going to Tasty.”

If you feel so inclined, check us out in Downtown Raleigh at 327 W. Davie Street, or on Asheville’s South Slope, at 162 Coxe Avenue.